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Cherry Tomatoes

Development of tailored automation and optimization of infrastructure projects.

This service is aimed at governments as well as large scale developers. ParaGroup is able to input local regulations and codes as well as the initial design to our internal program, and find the most economical solution. This includes reduction in materials, time and costs. Infrastructure design has barely been altered since its inception and as each design iteration takes a traditional engineer days or even weeks to develop, it takes our program mere hours to run through thousands of different options. This allows ParaGroup to supply our clients the confidence and assurance that they are executing the most optimal design for their project.

Cherry Tomatoes

Design Optimization and Automation as a consultancy service in order to reduce costs, materials and construction time for construction building projects.

This service entails receiving preliminary instructions and guidelines from the head designer, architect or developer, then preparing a custom design plan. The program inputs include local regulations and codes as well as aesthetically important features. After ParaGroup’s program runs, we are able to find the most optimal design solution to any project. The optimal solution finds not only the best way to reduce material, but also includes factors such as execution time and costs. This enables us to give the client the most economical result from all angles.