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Complex or large scale architectural projects frequently suffer from cost escalation, delays or quality problems. We offer owners, architects, engineers and fabricators with solutions for the improved management of complex geometries, big data and material challenges. Featuring the integration of advanced parametric software with mathematical techniques for optimization and computer automation, our solutions allow design teams to evaluate hundreds of alternatives for complex systems, ensuring designs are comprehensively understood, analyzed and documented prior to fabrication and construction.


ParaGroup is a team of Architects, Engineers and Designers who share a common skill: computer programming and algorithms. We use this skill to implement Artificial Intelligence into the Construction industry. The result of such an effort is that each project is delivered in less expense and more income to our client. In other words, we optimize the project using intelligent tools.


We offer three main services, all under the umbrella of AI based optimization:

  1. Design, execution and assembly optimization.

    1. Intervention in the design stage before submission to the authorities, reducing material costs and easing construction methods, upfront.

    2. Intervention in the design stage before tender stage, optimizing material costs and  construction techniques, upfront.

    3. Intervention in design-to-fabrication stage to simplify construction and assembly processes, while reducing possible waste.

  2. In-house platforms for AEC related factories.

    1. Development of tailored software platforms and plug-ins for Engineering departments within factory ground, for time reduction, waste reduction, storage optimization and assembly simplification.

    2. Production-line R&D for fabricated elements, targeted at optimizing performance through smart design.

  3. AI Instructional services.

    1. Consultancy and executives training - "Why should we use AI?".

    2. Team training and tutoring for professionals in poweful AI-related tools and platforms.


By incorporating our service as part of the design process, we are capable of reducing construction time, material and expenses whithout adding design time.

Ilan and Asaf Ramon Air-port, Timna, Israel. Envelope optimization and detailing using advanced algorithms. Read more...

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