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The Human Parameter book Includes:


A Prologue By Ionathan Lazovski - Author & Curator.


A verity of papers and transcripts by:

Prof. Patrik Schumacher.

Arch. Anat Stern.

Arch. Guy Austern.

Prof. Karl Chu.

Prof. Aaron Sprecher.

Arch. Ehud Falkovitz.

Arch. Dan Zohar.

Arch.Etan Kimmel.

Dr. Yael Van Essen.


All the projects on display from the Exhibition:

Yoav Ronat, Nof Natanzon and Tom Porat - Weaven Wall, Tilianchu Shanghai-Tel Aviv, China-Israel.

Arch. Arielle Blonder and Prof. Yasha Grobman – Taperberg Winery, Israel.

Arch. Ori Adiri and ISSO Architects – Taddy House, Tokyo, Japan.

Prof. Yasha Grobman and Nir Chen Architects – TLV Forum, Tel Aviv-Jaffo, Israel.

Nir Chen Architects – Yehudit Bridge, Tel Aviv-Jaffo, Israel.

Arch. Eran Ziv and Arch Yizhar Kedmi – Ashalim solar thermal power plant, Negev, Israel.

Arch. Dan Zohar, Haugen Zohar Architects – Horn ferry landing, Norway.

Kimmel-Eshcolot – Checkpoint Building, Tel Aviv University, Israel.  

Arch. Anat Stern, Zaha Hadid Architects – Zaragosa Bridge, Spain.

Serpentine Gallery, hyde park, London, England.

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