ES Project, Israel

An innovative method of creating formworks for construction using LGS (light gauge steel). Creating options to reuse formwork panels multiple times either in the same project or to be used on a different project completely. Prefabrication of the panels is able to be done all at once in the factory or on-site, saving on actual execution time of the project. The concrete is then able to be cast at once for each level of the project, including structural walls, architectural walls, columns, beams and floors. The traditional way of designing the formwork panels is by having a design team manually draft the formwork plan, panel by panel. Using ParaGroup’s technology we are able to automate the process and create the panel sizes for each project in significantly less time. We are also able to create a BOQ (bill of quantities), workflow, gantt chart and a fully functional 3D model of each floor. This automation directly saves time and money for each project we are involved in with ES.