Selected Projects

Just the tip of the iceberg


Entrance bridge, Technion, Israel. Swartz-Besnoseff Architects + Rokah-Ashkenazi Engineers and consultants

Structural steel Optimization

The first structure seen when entering the most prestigious engineering university in Israel, the entranceway bridge was a challenging yet satisfying project to work on. Working with some of the greatest minds in Israel, ParaGroup was pleased to assist in optimizing the design structure by providing a parametric design solution.


Ramon International Airport, Eilat, Israel. Man-shinar Architects

Aluminum Panel Optimization

The second largest airport in Israel, costing over 1.95 billion NIS to construct, has become a cornerstone for Eilat tourism and economy. ParaGroup was pleased to assist the IAA (Israel Airports Authority) in creating a beautiful yet cost efficient design plan.


Parkside, Toronto, Canada. Tribute communities.

Structural Concrete Optimization

Parkside Square is a rental community created and designed to make the tenants lives easier. The brand-new buildings were made with residents in mind, to create a warm and peaceful environment. ParaGroup conducted a successful pilot project with the developers of Parkside and proved that our technology is a worthwhile and valuable asset. Although our design was not ultimately implemented, the Parkside Project was an instrumental milestone for the company’s breakthrough in North America.


Ashalim Solar tower, Ashalim, Israel. Shikun Binuy Group

Solar Panels Optimization

The Ashalim power station is a solar power station in the Negev desert near the kibbutz of Ashalim in Israel. It is a joint venture between Brightsource and Alstom. With economical, environmental, political and scientific motivations in the construction of this power station, it is one of the tallest solar power towers in the world. ParaGroup was one of the subcontractors who helped design the project envelope. We were happy to assist in such a monumental and complex project in Israel.


Jasper 123, Edmonton, Canada. Minto group.

Structural Concrete Optimization

The beautiful and luxurious high rise residential apartment complex in Edmonton, Canada was a challenging yet rewarding project for ParaGroup to partake in. The main goal was to reduce the concrete in the design plan so that the execution costs could be reduced. ParaGroup gracefully and swiftly helped Minto Group optimize their design plan so that the overall design and costs could be decreased. The Jasper Project was a pilot similar to the Parkside Pilot. While the design we created was not implemented, it opened up doors for ParaGroup to break into the North American market.


ES Project, Israel

Formwork Panel Automation

An innovative method of creating formworks for construction using LGS (light gauge steel). Creating options to reuse formwork panels multiple times either in the same project or to be used on a different project completely. Prefabrication of the panels is able to be done all at once in the factory or on-site, saving on actual execution time of the project. The concrete is then able to be cast at once for each level of the project, including structural walls, architectural walls, columns, beams and floors. The traditional way of designing the formwork panels is by having a design team manually draft the formwork plan, panel by panel. Using ParaGroup’s technology we are able to automate the process and create the panel sizes for each project in significantly less time. We are also able to create a BOQ (bill of quantities), workflow, gantt chart and a fully functional 3D model of each floor. This automation directly saves time and money for each project we are involved in with ES.