Our firm is devoted to the Algorithmic

realm of Design  and  construction

Based in Tel-Aviv - Israel, the company has been co-founded by Designers Ionathan Lazovski & Yuval Kahlon in 2011, as a result of the increasing demand for smart solutions in the fields of Design and Construction. Since then, we have worked to develop a system of AI-based services which can meet core needs of the AEC & Infrastructure industries. ParaGroup's core business is optimization of the execution and assembly stage by intervening at the design stage. ParaGroup uses state of the art algorithms associated with the field of Machine-Learning (ML), which is the most popular field toady of AI when it comes to amount of research and available algorithms. ParaGroup differentiates itself from its competition by its invaluable interdisciplinary knowledge and rare human resources, setting one foot in the world of AEC and the other in the world of AI technology.

Shahar studied Architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (B.arch) where now serves as a Teaching Assistant In Parametric Design courses. Shahar is an expert in Algorithmic Design methods and implementation of state of the art computational tool for supporting planning design processes. He believes that Architects and Designers, as craftsmen and women should gain control over all major technical and technological aspects of their craft – from hand sketches to CAD and Programming skills.

Currently a Teaching Associate and a PhD Candidate at the IIT (Israel Institute of Technology) in the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Ionathan has a broad perspective of the domain between Design and Artificial intelligence, aspiring to disrupt the AEC & Infrastructure industries, and lead them into the future. Ionathan holds a Bachelors in Design from the Shenkar College of Engineering & Design (B.Des Building and Environmental Design)  and a Masters in Design from the Holon Institute of Technology in 2015 (M.Des Integrated Design).

Currently a PhD Candidate at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yuval is passionate about research and development of state of the art technology for computational design. Yuval holds a Bachelors in design from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (B.Des in Interior, Building and Environmental Design) and a Masters in Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (M.Eng in Engineering Sciences and Design). Yuval was awarded by the Israeli Int. Design association and by Shenkar college of Engineering & Design for excellence.

Lior studied architecture at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (B.arch) where he now serves as an adjunct lecturer in the fields of computational design and parametric planning. Lior is an expert in parametric design and translation of real-world design challenges into computational models. He believes that in today’s world of architecture and design, digital tools are an integral part of the designer’s toolbox, and that these tools will serve a key role in the future development of the profession.

Shahar Abelson
Architect, Lead Computational Designer
Ionathan Lazovski, Owner, CEO
Yuval Kahlon
Head of Training Development
Lior Skoury
Architect, CPO