About Us

And What We Do

The Service:

Automation and optimization of the structural preliminary design phase.


We join forces with the design engineer at the beginning of the structural design phase, working with the Engineer from the earliest point possible.

What We Do?

We build algorithms that mimic the structural engineer’s workflow of the preliminary phase according to:
the strategy he imposes
local code
construction method
applied loads
The algorithm is a reinforced machine learning type. This means that it re-designs hundreds and thousands of different structures, learns from the experience of designing and, at a certain point, provides the optimal design.
The optimal design is the design that follows all the rules and strategies imposed by the engineer under the lowest execution price.


We can reduce up to 50% of the overall design time by the engineer and cut his team to one person for that phase.
Additionally, we can cut down between 3% to 15% of the execution cost


Optimal 3D model(s) for the structural engineer with all needed structural elements in place for further planning.